Pablo Saura
Artist & Filmmaker

girl before a mirror, 2015, transferred from super 8 film, color, silent, 3min 13sec

girl before a mirror is an experimental film that addresses the theme of multiculturalism in a single silent take. as part of her morning routine, maimuna puts on some lipstick, and then a headscarf, thus somehow implying a contradiction between modesty (the headscarf or hijab is considered as a sign of modesty according to the texts of fiqh and hadith) and vanity (make-up is widely considered as a tool to enhance appearance and appeal).

in taking us into what in cinematic terms is a very private space, the film unveils a slice of the life of a girl that embodies a clash between eastern and western cultures, proving that opposing elements don’t need to be mutually exclusive. the film develops in a way that the audience is not aware of the multicultural background of the subject until halfway through the film, when she starts to put her headscarf on. the audio track is kept silent, in an attempt to focus the attention on the image, avoid distractions, and anticipate events.

girl before a mirror premiered in london as part of the exhibition blind plural at hundred years gallery on march 3rd 2016.