Pablo Saura
Artist & Filmmaker

spleen, 2014, transferred from super 8 film, color, sound, 1min 33sec

in the morning, a man wakes up alone, and reflects on his life, recalling a past relationship. in a cryptic card he receives, another man implies the reasons of his leaving.

inspired by hollis frampton’s nostalgia, this short experimental film by pablo saura features a voice over and an image that are linked but not necessarily on sync or matching, in a vertical exploration of film, as opposed to the usual linear one. the film depicts the melancholic romance between two men and comments on the mobility of minorities from rural areas to big urban communities.

shot on super 8 film, the use of grain and exposure in spleen foregrounds the materiality of celluloid and emulsion. the dreamy colours and grainy aesthetics turn into a sustained examination of sound, light, and entropy. in this process of material immersion the film intents on capturing not only the components in the world and the image that convey sense but also—and very particularly—those components that do not further a message but purvey a massage of the senses.