Pablo Saura
Artist & Filmmaker

Pablo Saura is a Spanish born filmmaker and moving image artist based in London, working on both film and video.

His work has been exhibited worldwide, in film festivals and art galleries alike, including the Royal College of Art, Usurp Art Gallery and Hundred Years Gallery (London, UK); Galerie le Molière (Paris, France); Spazio Espositivo di Albumarte (Rome, Italy); Ludwig Forum Aachen (Germany); Théâtre de Liège (Belgium) and the India Habitat Centre (Dheli, India), among others. His production approach often explores the possibilities of camera-less moving image, film as a material and found footage, to approach subjects that couldn’t otherwise be represented on screen.

Investigating themes as diverse as class and race barriers (This is Britain, 2014); mortality and memory (Mind Glitch, 2014) and religion and multiculturalism in a post-globalization era (Girl Before a Mirror, 2015), Saura is most interested in the potential of daily life imagery and depictions of the mundane world as a vehicle to expose issues of global awareness.

In 2014 he was presented with an honorable mention at the Lucie Awards in New York, USA.

In 2015 he received the Video Innovation Award (Prix de l’Innovation) at Eurovideo film festival in Liege, Belgium, for his film This Is Britain.

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